Software Details

PHMS (Pulmonary Hypertension Management Software) is an important management tool for doctors investigating the causes and treating patients with various types of pulmonary hypertension. Some of the benefits of PMHS over the standard "paper" method are,

  • straightforward and consistent data entry windows,
  • patient history,
  • medication history,
  • trending of test results,
  • central database operation,
  • customizable reports and field units,
  • guaranteed support, and
  • multiple OS support.

PHMS trending and medical history facilities allow medical stuff to quickly determine if a given medication combination is the proper treatment for a given patient. For details, please download the evaluation version, try it and see if you like it. If you require improvements or changes, please feel free to contact us.

With our guaranteed support you do not have to worry that this program will become unsupported. When you purchase a license for PHMS, we will guarantee that support will be available for as long as you request it. If and when we stop providing support for PHMS, we will release the source code of this software under a free and open source license. This will allow you to get support for this program from a third party, or simply use in-house support.

Multiple operating support allows a site to use the same software on the operating system platform of their choice. Some staff might prefer one operating system to another and PHMS allows that choice, and PHMS makes this possible. Currently supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Apple's OS X as well as modern versions of Linux. If you require support for a different operating system, please contact us.

Furthermore, since PHMS uses a central SQL database to store its data, third party software can use its data readily, be it executing simple statistical queries or implementing a complete national pulmonary hypertension registry.