Appointment Management

Appointments are displayed in the opening main window. Highlighting an appointment ad clicking the Go... button, or simply double-clicking on an appointment entry, will open a data window for the patient. Right clicking on an appointment allows for,

  • rescheduling a given appointment,
  • creating a new appointment for that patient,
  • cancelling that appointment, or
  • entering data

Appointments window also incorporates an icon set that allows for easier management. These icons include,

Icon Meaning
Clock An appointment is less than 30 minutes away or is overdue
Check The appointment is has been completed within the last 30 minutes.
Cancel The appointment has been cancelled within the last 30 minutes
Cancel Clock The appointment is overdue for over 30 minutes

After an appointment has been completed, it can be edited from the main window for 30 minutes until after the appointment.

Appointments are updated from the central database every 30 seconds. This that any additions or changes to a given appointment will be visible to everyone using PHMS within 30 seconds.