Advanced Options

Figure 1 - Default settings in the Advanced preferences tab

Advanced options tab contains more advanced settings of PHMS. These should probably not be changed without good reason.

Using timestamps as study date means that records will have a DATE and TIME values associated with them instead of just a DATE. Please note that to change this value, you will require superuser privileges to the database as most of the data tables will require modifications to accommodate the additional TIME entry.

Additionally, when changing from a DATE and TIME database back to a DATE only setup, none of the records must share a date with another similar record. Failing that, the database will fail to change its internal structures and will revert back to using DATE and TIME. An error indicating a duplicate key error will be displayed.

Date Order indicates the order of the date entry fields. The default setting is to use Day/Month/Year but any may be selected. Please note that this change, as all others, is a site-wide change and all users of your database will be affected.

Date Print Format is used to setup the format of the printed date in reports. Not all areas of the program will display the date in the given format. For example, the Patient List window will always display the date in the ISO format as that is the only format that allows sorting (eg. listing patient records in chronological order).

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