Field Types

Figure 1 - Field Types configuration window

The Field Types tab of the Preferences window is used to set the data ranges, format and units of any numeric data entry field in the database.


  • Table Name & Field Name - define the field for which constraints are to be defined
  • Field Units - units of a given field
  • Normal Range - data within this range can be considered normal
  • Absolute Range - data entered outside of this range may be considered an input error
  • # of digits after decimal - specifies the precision of the data field (Obsolete - No longer used by the software)

Table Name & Field Name

These two lists specify uniquely a field name in the database. Only numeric fields may be found here as non-numeric fields do not have units or ranges associated with them.

Field Units

Defines field units of a given field. These units are HTML enabled to allow more precise formatting so mg/s<sup>2</sup> will result in mg/s2 being printed on reports and used in the data entry windows.

Normal Range

Defines the normal data range for the given data field. Data entered within this range will appear black in the data entry windows. Data entered outside of the normal range, but within the absolute range will appear in blue.

Absolute Range

Data entered outside of the absolute range will appear red in the data entry window and may be considered an operator error.

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