Common Problems and Solutions

The following is a list of common errors, problems and questions that may and/or will arise during your use of the software. Please read them before contacting support.

Where is File→Save? Where is the data saved?

Please read the Overview page of the installation section of this manual. Pay attention to the diagrams. If need be, please consult your support department to explain the concepts in more detail.

Please also read the tutorial

What is Patient ID?

Patient ID is a unique numeric identifier of a patient for your site. For information how to set the format, please read the configuration section of this manual

Please also read the tutorial

I'm entering assessment data, but can't click the OK button to save

You've probably not entered all of the necessary demographics data. Items in RED must be filled in and the Patient ID must of the correct format. Only then will the OK button be available.

What is "Initial Assessment"?

Initial assessment is the first assessment of the patient. This is the first data entry (chronologically by study date, not necessarily in data entry order) for the patient's history. Please note that once you enter an Initial Assessment, you cannot enter another assessment with the study date prior to that of the Initial Assessment.

An initial assessment allows you to enter some additional patient data. For example, Past Surgical History prior to the patient's arrival at your facility.

There is no requirement that you do enter an Initial Assessment.

What is "study date"?

This is the date under which the data you are going to enter will be filed. You can only have ONE assessment, ONE follow-up, ONE response, ONE oxygen 6-min walk and ONE room-air 6-min walk per "study date" or "data date"

After I entered data and pressed OK I get an error "The database operation failed with the following error:.... duplicate key violates unique constraint....". What is wrong?

You cannot enter the same patient test for the same day. There can only be one patient type of data saved per patient per date. That is, there can only by one assessment, one followup, one vasodilator challenge, one oxygen 6-min walk and one room air 6-min walk for a single study date.

After I entered data and pressed OK I get an error "The database operation failed with the following error:.... numeric field overflow....". What is wrong?

Upgrade to version 1.1.13 or later.

My database computer died! All my data is gone!
Database got corrupted! Help!

Please read the Backup & Restore section of this manual for instructions on how to restore from backup. If you have not setup backups for your database, we cannot help you.

I REALLY think I found an error in the program. How can I get it fixed?

Please send the error condition with any error messages to the support email address. If possible, please describe ALL the steps needed to reproduce the problem. If we cannot reproduce the problem, we are less likely to help you.

If we determine the problem is caused by our software and are able to reproduce it in our facility, we will provide you with an updated version in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, if you do notice errors, even small spelling errors in error messages, please report them such that they can be fixed and the program be better for everyone.