There are two types of reports available,

  1. individual reports, and
  2. statistical reports.

If you are looking to modify the format of individual or statistical reports, go to the section Editing Reports.

Individual Reports

Individual Reports

Figure 1. Individual report access point in the Patient List window

Reports for individual patients are accessible from the Patient List (Patients→List All from the main menu). Each patient is associated with multiple records (Assessment, Followup, Response and 6-min Walk). Right clicking on any of these will bring up a menu as seen in Figure 1. Reports associated with that particular record are accessible by either the Print Report or Preview Report functions.

6-min walk trend is accessible by right clicking on any 6-min walk record and selecting 6-min Trend.

General trend is accessible by right clicking on any of the patient records, including his/her name and selecting Trend. The trend window will appear where the value are listed in reverse chronological order - latest data is on the left. The column are labeled with type of record data is coming from and date of that record. The acronyms are A for Assessment, F for Followup and W for 6-min walk.

Graphs may be generated of one or more data sets by selecting the rows you wish to graph (hold down Ctrl or Shirt buttons to select more than one row) and then clicking the Graph button.

Statistical Reports

Statistical Reports Window

Figure 2. Sample statistical reports

To access statistical reports, go to the main window and select Patients→Custom Report Summary. A report window with calculated numeric values will appear as in Figure 2 to the right. All histograms are accessible by right clicking on their rows and selecting View Histogram.

Each of the reports may have conditions that limit the number of patients that are used in such reports. To list these patients, right click on report and select List Patients. For example, the count of the number of female patients has a condition where must be Female. Right clicking on the Number of Female Patients report and selecting List Patients will list all of the female patients.

Statistical Report generation and listing a large number can take a some time